Margaret and Stacy 2017

Benno Jaeger 2017


Stacy has been my personal trainer for over 6 years. She has made it so much easier to keep up my fitness because I don't have to think, just listen! "Work smart, play hard," she says and it's like that. At 75, I'm still able to take part in the Gran Fondo Whistler each year. I view Stacy's coaching as an investment in my health, happiness and future. Health comes first.


David Ashby 2017

I think what makes Stacy such a great trainer is her ability to easily connect with and understand the needs of her clients. It is obvious that she cares about her clients and takes a sincere interest in their well-being. Stacy came highly recommended and I was motivated to hire her in part because I had nagging lower back and shoulder pain.

She helped me establish a routine of cardio, weight-training and stretching that made a big difference to my overall fitness and keeps the aches and pains at bay.

I continue to consult with Stacy when I start to lose ground or motivation. She’s more than a great personal trainer, she’s a great motivator and teacher.


Becky Killam 2017

I have been doing yoga with Stacy, in classes and privately, for almost 20 years. Ever since I was diagnosed with cancer in 2010, Stacy has been invaluable, helping me regain and maintain my strength through all the treatments and operations I have undergone.

Stacy has a depth of experience that allows her to be comfortable and creative in her teaching. She gives clear instructions and good feedback. 

Our private sessions are tailored to wherever I am at on any given day, incorporating weights or thai massage accordingly. Her manner is relaxed and attentive without ever causing self-consciousness.

Most importantly, she has a good sense of humour and an ability to make our sessions fun.

Stacy maintained a successful yoga program at the Jericho Hill Centre from 1998 until 2010. Her Iyengar style classes encouraged a loyal community of students, many of whom attended classes twice a week for the full twelve years. She credits the commitment and dedication of her students with helping her to develop the full scope of her teaching style and with the evolution of her wellness consulting business.


Testimonials 2014


For four years, I have had the pleasure and privilege of taking personal training with Stacy Migneault, on a twice weekly basis.  When I started, my goals were somewhat ill-defined.  With Stacy's help, her understated manner, and total competence, I gained immeasurably in my overall fitness level.  Through her patient, cheerful and unfailing encouragement I made great strides in strength and flexibility.  She has a deep and comprehensive knowledge of the human body which allows her to design and change workouts to suit her client's needs as those needs evolve.  Thanks to her rigorous adherence to good form in the execution of my workouts I continue to derive great benefit from my time at the gym.  I strongly recommend her as a personal trainer.

~Eleanor Smyth


Testimonials 2008 - 2010 


Several years ago a good friend suggested I try one of Stacy's yoga classes as she found her to be an exceptional teacher. I loved the class and love Stacy's holistic approach to fitness and health. It was this philosophy that lead me to seek out further help in the form of personal training. Stacy provides a well thought out and varied routine each time we meet. After only 6 sessions I noticed a huge difference in endurance and some very positive changes in muscle tone and continue to meet with her once a week.

~ Penny Scoble


I have really appreciated the experience of working with Stacy over the past few years as a Level I Yoga student, especially since I had not really felt that I had the patience and inclination for Yoga in the past. The classes are amazing, at the same time tough and challenging but simultaneously broken down into manageable aspects of the yoga poses. The practice is clearly explained and gradually built upon each week. I have loved the classes and greatly benefitted from them. 

Last summer I planned to hike the Nootka Trail on Vancouver Island and felt ill prepared for the task of hiking fairly difficult terrain with a heavy pack. As a personal trainer, Stacy guided me through a tailored exercise regime at the gym, developing my endurance, strength, balance and overall fitness. Stacy's warm and friendly personality, along with this individualized training focus, has had long-term benefits to my motivation, health and fitness gains.  

~ Gerri York (Artist)

I have been taking Stacy's yoga class for 8 years and she has been my personal trainer for 3 years. Stacy is a very good teacher because she explains very well and in details what you are supposed to do. She is a tough teacher who sees everything and corrects you until you get it. 

I highly recommend her!!!

~ Christine Chessex (Physiotherapist)


I had been a yoga student for about five years when I first attended Stacy's yoga class in 2004. Immediately, I was impressed. Stacy is very rigorous and precise with the postures, always helping us work carefully on alignment and safe movement. She has a tremendous knowledge of physiology and uses it to adapt poses to suit different abilities and physical limitations. After more than twenty years as a yoga instructor, Stacy has a vast repertoire and - after five years I can say this with certainty - no two classes are ever the same. At the same time, Stacy has a lovely smart sense of humor and always keeps us laughing. She has built a strong yoga community around her at West Point Grey and it is easy to see why!

~ Joanna Reid, 29 (Doctoral Student, UBC)


Seven years ago, I had a stroke and Stacy's class was a major factor in my physical rehabilitation. Since her classes offer adaptations to physical limitations, it has been invaluable for my regaining balance, strength and stamina. She is able to make classes challenging but everyone laughs as well. Great teacher and lovely atmosphere.

~ Marian MacWorth


I've been doing Yoga with Stacy for about 5 years. I came to the class in my 60's after I retired.  Perhaps the most important lesson I have learned from her is the physical equivalent of "pride goes before a fall".  She has helped me to stretch, strengthen and compose my body by respecting it rather than driving it. ~ Oona Durbach


I am 55 years old, and have been a faithful student of Stacy's for over 10 years. The driving force behind my dedication is to “stand tall and not fall” as I get older. I never would have believed I would be doing handstands and headstands, but Stacy's gentle yet very carefully planned progressions based on sound knowledge in human kinesiology have guided me over the years towards new achievements, improved flexibility and strength, and a deeper understanding of the benefits of yoga. 

~ Ilsa Patterson (Director of Care, Residential Care)


"I've been taking Stacy's yoga class for 10 years and it's always been a highlight of my week. Stacy has a well of experience and teaches sound yoga practices, using humour and patience.  She adapts the poses to each individual's ability and flexibility. And yet she teaches that yoga is more than the poses. She has my highest recommendation."

~ Alan Mackworth, 63 (Professor)


Ok so I am a convert. After what seemed like years of nagging from my daughter I started yoga classes with Stacy about two years ago. As an aging jock I am still quite fit but have accumulated injuries, which have left me with chronic aches and pains. Stacy has a "go at your own pace" philosophy, which is non-threatening even for a total novice. Her gentle humour always helps. The stretching and strengthening exercises make a big difference in my daily life and now my body tells me if I have missed a class.

From skeptic to convert, I now encourage my patients to try yoga too. I hope they are as lucky with their instructor as I have been with Stacy.

~ Graham, 59 (Rheumatologist)


I was a complete beginner and began a Level One yoga class with Stacy last Fall (September 08) after seeing a Chiropractor for two years for treatment of a very troublesome hip, damaged from a severe fall playing tennis. I am happy to say that I have not seen the Chiropractor since beginning yoga.

I found Stacy to be thorough, helpful and sympathetic to an aging, damaged body. ~ Gillian Collins


Before joining Stacy's yoga class I had no awareness of the possibility and range of muscle movement. However, now, because of her expertise and carefully crafted classes, (not forgetting her insightful and witty guidance) those newly recognized muscles have become alert in ways that have spilled over into just about everything I do, whether it be biking or swimming or trekking in the Himalayas or spending hours at my computer.

My personal Yoga with Stacy story is about my many months of chemotherapy and radiation therapy for breast cancer, when I didn’t miss a single class, not because I felt well enough to attend, but because I knew that Stacy’s personalized approach was a critical component in my recovery, and I was right. Without hesitation, I strongly recommend Stacy.

~ Honey Halpern, 64 (Literacy Professor)


I have been a yoga student for 10 years - the last 5 with Stacy. The Iyengar teachers in Victoria gave me a good foundation - however, even after years of trying there were a few things I just could not do - like arm balance and elbow balance. Stacy's individual approach to teaching, her understanding of the mechanics of the human body, combined with her intuitive ability to pin point problem areas and instill confidence make her classes outstanding. Within 6 months of Yoga with Stacy I could finally lift off into arm balance and elbow balance. Stacy combines focus on detail and discipline with warmth and humour that is unique and embodies the soul of yoga.

~ Margaret Eckenfelder, 56 years old (Local government)








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