Stacy's services are provided in your home or the great outdoors. She brings all the equipment necessary for each session. If you have an in home gym or your condo has a gym, your equipment can be incorporated as well. Classes and consulting are also available via Skype.

Personal Training

Stacy knows the importance of considering the whole person when putting together a successful fitness program. As a personal trainer she works with you to clarify, implement and achieve your health and fitness goals.

By training one-on-one with Stacy, you'll make better use of your time and get results faster. You'll decrease your risk of injury and avoid the pitfalls that can undermine your success.


Discover strengths you didn't know you had, look forward to meeting new challenges and do it all while having FUN!


By training you can maintain muscle mass,

improve body composition, range of motion, balance,   agility, co-ordination and cardiovascular health!


Yoga & Meditation

As a senior yoga teacher with over 25 years experience, Stacy has worked with students of all ages, levels and abilities. She is trained in both the Iyengar and Sivananda traditions and has studied with some of the world's best teachers.

Working one-on-one or in pairs, Stacy tailors her teaching to the needs of the student. With the use of props anyone can do and benefit from yoga. Stacy has a keen eye for detail and body mechanics. She knows how each pose should be modified to assist the student in strengthening weak areas while avoiding injury.

Stacy also offers Restorative Yoga, a gentle practice ideal for those recovering from illness, injury or fatigue. Areas of interest such as meditation or pranayama (breath work) can also be emphasized.

Yoga helps you stretch and strengthen, 

improve balance, breathe easier, learn to relax,

connect body and mind, ground and centre.




Nutrition & Wellness Consulting


As a consultant, Stacy provides feedback and advice on how to improve health through diet, exercise and other wellness practices. She will help you formulate a plan and then support and encourage you in making and maintaining those positive changes.

Stacy is also a great resource and works closely with other health professionals. If your needs fall outside the scope of her practice she will recommend others better suited to help you.


Consulting helps you to stay focused on your goals, overcome obstacles and ultimately succeed

in becoming a happier and healthier you.

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